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The Zoryan Institute & Genocide Studies International Student Essay Contest

April 21, 2023: The Zoryan Institute is excited to announce the Genocide International Studies Student Essay Contest!

Genocide continues to occur around the world despite an international commitment to prevent and punish this horrific crime and the ongoing work of scholars, policy makers, political leaders, and activists to build a global society free of genocide. The Zoryan Institute and the editors of Genocide Studies International invite you, as future leaders, to join the conversation about genocide prevention by entering our Student Essay Contest.


Choose ONE of the following prompts to answer:

  1. How will you lead your generation in preventing genocide?

  2. What obligation does the global community have to prevent genocide, and what form(s) should these prevention efforts take?

  3. How should your nation respond to genocide that takes place in another nation?

Your essay should make an argument, and you should use existing research to support your ideas. Start with the Genocide Studies International Education Supplement for Genocide Awareness Month, and use other resources as needed. You can use any citation style, but you must use it consistently.

very essay will be read by a panel of experts who will determine one winner and two runners-up. All three will be published in a forthcoming issue of Genocide Studies International.

In addition, the winning author will receive $250.

Length: approximately 1,000 words

Language: All submissions must be in English

Due: Monday, June 5, 2023, 5:00 pm EST

Submission Process: Essays must be submitted through this Google Form.

Eligibility: This contest is open to all secondary school students ages 15-19

Please contact Dr. Jennifer Rich, Co-Editor of Genocide Studies International with any questions.

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