Board of Directors

Rouben Adalian

Washington D.C., USA

Director of the Armenian National Institute. Read more.

Joyce Apsel

New York, USA

Clinical Professor of Liberal Studies at New York University. Read more,

Yair Auron

Tel Aviv, Israel

Professor and former Department Head of Sociology, Political Science and Communication at Open University. Read more.

Levon Chorbajian

Lowell, USA

Professor of Sociology  at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and the Director of the Zoryan Institute for Contemporary Armenian Research and Documentation. Read more.

Federico Gaitan Hairabedian

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lawyer and President of the Luisa Hairabedian Foundation

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Varouj Aivazian

Toronto, Canada

Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto. Read more.

Stephan Astourian

Berkeley, United States

Associate Adjunct Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley. Read more.

Diran Avedian

Montreal, Canada

President and Founder of Lactopur, Inc. 

Vahakn N. Dadrian † (1926-2019)

Conesus, United States

Taught at the State University of New York (SUNY) from 1970-1991, and has been Director of Genocide Research at the Zoryan Institute since 1999. Read more.

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Arsinee Khanjian

Toronto, Canada

Award-winning Canadian-Armenian actor and the Director of Outreach at Zoryan Institute. Read more.

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Elisa von Joeden-Forgey

New Jersey, United States

Associate Professor & Director of the Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program at Stockton University, New Jersey. Read more.

Bedross Der Matossian

Nebraska, United States

Associate Professor of Modern Middle East History in the Department of History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Read more.

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William Schabas

London, United Kingdom

Professor of International Law at Middlesex University in London. He is also professor of International Human Law and Human Rights at Leiden University, and emeritus professor of Human Rights Law at the National University of Ireland Galway.  Read more.

Roger W. Smith

Williamsburg, United States

Roger W. Smith is Professor Emeritus of Government at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Read more.

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Lok Siu

California, USA

Associate Professor, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies

Berkeley Read More

K.M. Greg Sarkissian

Toronto, Canada

President and Co-Founder of The Zoryan Institute. Read more.

George Shirinian

Toronto, Canada

Executive Director of the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, (A Division of The Zoryan Institute.) Read more.