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FAQs about the Program

Questions about the Course



How will the program be structured? 

The program will be held from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST with an hour break for lunch and two 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.

What can I expect from the classes? 

The Genocide and Human Rights University Program is conducted at a graduate-level, seminar-style of instruction. Accepted students are expected to come to class prepared (having done all required readings) and engaged in active discussion throughout the program.

What makes this program different from others? Why should I attend? 

The GHRUP is a unique course developed to fill a gap in the traditional university curriculum. Students from all around the world, are hand-picked to come to Toronto and learn from the leading experts in the field of Genocide and Human Rights Studies.  The course provides participants with the intellectual framework to understand the complex issues related to genocide and the examination of several major case studies provides the foundation for comparative analysis. After taking this course, you will leave with a better understanding of human rights and well equipped with the tools to help pursue your careers in the field. You will learn how genocide is a shared universal experience and will meet like-minded youth from all over the world.

What is the admission process? 

All complete applications are reviewed in May by the Admissions Committee, consisting of university professors and IIGHRS Academic Board members. Because of the seminar nature of the course, only a limited number of applicants are admitted to the program. Selection will be based on a combination of strength of interest, scholastic aptitude, and relevance of the course to the candidate's future.

Where can I get the required reading materials for the course ahead of time? 

Required readings can be found on the syllabus section of the website once they are finalized. Every admitted student will be given access to the readings electronically on our website upon receipt of full payment. The reading materials will take time to complete prior to the course.  There will not be time to read during the course, as there are activities every day. To participate actively in the class discussions, and get the most out of the program, please come prepared.  

Will I have to pay for textbooks? 


All required readings are accessible electronically and are provided to students at no extra cost.

How accessible will the teaching staff be? 

Each instructor will be present for one or more days. The Course Director, Joyce Apsel, will be present for the duration of the course. Some instructors will remain available to the students after their section is completed, in order to provide as much continuity and accessibility as possible.

Is there a university credit for this course? 


Many universities will give graduate-level credit for participating in the GHRUP. In this case, students must approach a professor at their university with the syllabus and faculty biographies for approval as an “independent study” or “directed reading” course. It is critical that participants who would like university credit for the course inform the organizers at the time of applying, and not after the fact. Credit is subject to approval by your university and must be authorized in advance. Be sure to discuss the options and the process with IIGHRS staff before starting the program.

What will the homework requirements be? 

Homework will consist of the readings assigned, as well as preparing an oral presentation, about 10 minutes in length for the last day.

Can I attend only part of the course? 

The curriculum was conceived as a comprehensive program addressing the issues of genocide and human rights with a comparative approach. The teaching modules are not intended to be taken independently. Due to the online seminar nature of the course, enrollment is limited. Therefore, there will not be space for those who wish to take only part of the course or only audit.


How much does the whole program cost? 

The cost for the program is $1250 CAD. Dorm rates for students are yet to be determined but students will be notified.

Dormitory rates are TBD. Estimated cost for the dormitory is $600 CAD. 


All required readings are provided to students at no extra cost.

How are payments handled? 


Once admitted to the program, students are required to pay the full cost of tuition within 30 days of being accepted to the program.

Can I pay by credit card? 

Yes, we accept VISA, Master Card, AMEX and PayPal.

What is the cancellation policy? 

Students who withdraw after registration will be refunded 50% of tuition fees. Program fees are non-refundable if cancellation occurs after program commencement, for any reason.

Where will the profits from this program go? 

The tuition fees do not cover complete program costs, consequently, there will be no profit. This is due to the seminar nature of the course and the limited enrollment, which is most beneficial for the participants, the extensive planning and organizing required in its preparation, and the participation of world-class instructors. The deficit will be subsidized by a number of donors, who are deeply committed to making this program accessible to you.


The Zoryan Institute is a registered non-profit institution in the United States, Canada, and Armenia.

What opportunities for scholarships may be available? 

Limited scholarships to attend the program are available. To be considered for a scholarship to the program, please be sure to include a separate letter of request in your application package. Decisions regarding scholarships will be made concurrently with application review in May 2024.



Are there any social activities planned? 


Yes, forming a sense of community and meaningful connections is a central component of the course. In line with this, several different social activities will be planned for students throughout the course. Past activities have included visits to local museums and art galleries, walking tours, and trips to Niagara Falls and Toronto Island. Accepted students will be notified of any social activities. 

Financial Matters

Social Activities

Application Deadline: May 30, 2024

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