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GHRUP Alumni Network

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Hrag Yacoubian

Vancouver, BC

Current Position:  PhD Student

Organization or Institution:  University of British Columbia

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Diúlia Binelo

Panambi, Brazil

Organization or Institution:  OAB/RS

Profession(s): Lawyer

Language(s): Portuguese; English

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Lawyer; Master in Human Rights. Most interested in the regional systems of protection of human rights; democracy; social control.

Alison MacAulay

Toronto, Canada

Current Position:  PhD Student

Organization or Institution:  University of Toronto

Profession(s): Student

Language(s): English, French, Kinyarwanda (basic)

Interest(s)/ Expertise: My doctoral dissertation explores the history of film in Rwanda, paying particular attention to how the genocide was documented in 1994, and how filmmakers in post-genocide Rwanda have made sense of their histories on-screen.

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Regina Galustyan

Yerevan, Armenia

Current Position:  Junior Researcher, Librarian

Organization or Institution: Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Profession(s): Historian

Language(s): Armenian, English, Russian

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Genocide studies; the history of the Armenia genocide; Turkish identity construction; state-building and nation-building projects; memory.

Sedda Antekelian

Los Angeles, USA

Current Position:  Blended learning instructor

Organization or Institution:  Method Schools Arcadia

Profession(s): Teacher

Language(s): Armenian, English

Interest(s)/ Expertise: My professional background includes teaching elementary, middle school and high school students history.  I have a Masters degree in Teaching, 2011, and a Bachelor's in History and Humanities, 2009.  I have up to 3 years of museum experience.  I enjoy research and making history comprehensible for all student learners.  

Fidan Mirhanoglu

Paris, France

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution:  Université Paris 8

Profession(s): Journalist

Language(s): Kurdish and Turkish (Mother tongue), Ottoman Turkish, English and French (intermediate)

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Writing semi academic articles and stories.

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Diana Yayloyan

Ankara, Turkey

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution:  Ankara University

Profession(s): Research Associate

Language(s): Russian, Armenian, English, Turkish

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Nationalism Studies, Armenian Studies, Turkish Studies, Collective Memory and Social Perception, Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma. 

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Jacob Evoy

Montreal, Canada

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution:  University of Western Ontario

Profession(s): Graduate Student

Language(s): English, French

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Queer theory, queer history, Holocaust and genocide studies, intergenerational trauma, transnational justice and post-conflict reconstruction, pop culture, AIDS history and activism, gender and sexuality studies, trauma studies.  

Jalesa Taylor

Richmond, USA

Current Position:  Library Assistant

Organization or Institution:  Chesterfield County Public Schools


Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese

Interest(s)/ Expertise: female perpetrators of genocide, the role of women in political violence in Africa, the us of domestic courts to try war criminals.  

Camilo Torres

Calgary, Canada

Current Position:  M.A. Candidate - Department of Political Science

Organization or Institution:  University of Calgary

Profession(s): Graduate Student

Language(s): English, Italian, Spanish

Interest(s)/ Expertise: My M.A. these seeks to examine the use of forms of political communication and propaganda in the Holocaust.  In addition, I am working on a project linking securitization theory to cases on genocide, and have presented at a round-table on the topic of genocide prevention at the 2016 Canadian Political Association Annual Conference.  

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Asya Darbinyan

Amherst, United States

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution: Strassler Center for Holocaust Studies, Clark University

Profession(s): Historian, Researcher, Museum worker

Language(s): Armenian, Russian, English, French

Interest(s)/ Expertise:  Refugee Crises and Humanitarianism during and after genocide; the Armenian genocide; International Relations and Human Rights; History of the Russian Empire; Imperialism and Colonization

Vahram Ayvazyan

Manizales, Columbia

Current Position:  Climate Reality Leader

Organization or Institution: Climate Reality Project

Profession(s): Climate Change Expert; Human Rights Activist and Peacemaker; IR & Genocide Scholar; Teacher

Language(s): English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic (basic)

Interest(s)/ Expertise:  Earned a Bachelors and Masters from Yerevan State University, Armenia, and has over seven years of experience working in the non-profit sector. While working as a Youth Peace Ambassador at the Council of Europe, Vahram focused on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in conflict affected communities in the South Caucasus and in the Balkans. In 2015, he joined the Climate Reality Project, and has since been working on projects relating to climate change diplomacy and climate justice.

Caroline Cormier

Toronto, Canada

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution: Department of History, University of Toronto

Profession(s): Doctoral Student

Language(s): English

Interest(s)/ Expertise:  Caroline's current research examines the forced displacement of Jews from their private homes that occurred as a result of the urban planning projects and exclusionary housing policies introduced by the Nazi regimes in Berlin in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Her project also explores how these places have been used for reconciliation programs and commemoration projects in the post-war period. For her research, Caroline has received a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canadian Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. She is also currently a recipient of the Saul Kagan Fellowship in Advanced Shoah Studies and will be a Junior Research Fellow at the Vienna Wisenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies in Austria in the summer of 2017.

Anna Aleksanyan

Watertown, United States

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution: Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University

Profession(s): Historian

Language(s): Armenian, Russian, English, French

Interest(s)/ Expertise:  Her dissertation, directed by Taner Akcam, explores gendered aspects of the Armenian genocide in the experiences of its female victims. She worked at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute as a scientific researcher for seven years. She has published widely both in academic and non-academic journals in Armenian, Russian, French, Turkish, and English.

Neeko Collett

Toronto, Canada

Current Position:  PhD Candidate

Organization or Institution: University of Toronto

Profession(s): Doctoral Student

Language(s): English

Interest(s)/ Expertise: State violence against religious minorities; Baha'i in Iran; Ahmadiyya in Pakistan; early warning systems; public policy; genocide prevention

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Pilar Perez

Bariloche, Argentina

Current Position:  Faculty and Researcher

Organization or Institution: National University of Rio Negro and National Scientific and Technical Council

Profession(s): Historian

Language(s): Spanish, English

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Genocide on Indigenous populations in Argentina and Patagonia, and settler colonialism in South America.

Heitor Loureiro

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Current Position:  Lecturer

Organization or Institution: Federal University of Sao Paulo


Language(s): Portuguese (native), English, Spanish, French, Armenian (beginner)

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Armenian genocide and diaspora; diaspora studies; Brazilian Foreign Affairs; Human Rights in Latin America

Lilit Banduryan

Yerevan, Armenia

Current Position:  Leading Expert

Organization or Institution: President's Administration of the People of Armenia

Profession(s): International Relations

Language(s): Armenian, English, Russian, French

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Geopolitics in the South Caucasus and in general; international relations; conflict resolution; law and armed conflict; use of force; judicial remedies; human rights; collective security systems; peacekeeping under international law; double standards in international law; state responsibility; international criminal law; integration processes; R2P; self-determination principles of Uti Possidetis Juris; genocide and crimes against humanity in international law

Leonidas Theodosiou

Brussels, Belgium

Current Position:  Associate

Organization or Institution: Clifford Chance LLP

Profession(s): Lawyer, Admitted in New York, Brussels and Greece

Language(s): English, Greek

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Anti-Trust Law; International Criminal Law; Criminal Law with a focus on the crime of genocide. Leonidas graduated from Harvard University with a Masters of Laws; Cambridge University with a Masters of Laws; and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a Bachelors of Laws.

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Deniz Cenk Demir

Ankara, Turkey and Montreal, Canada

Current Position:  Masters Students

Organization or Institution: The Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University

Profession(s): Graduate Student, Freelance Journalist

Language(s): Turkish, English, Arabic (Intermediate)

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Turkish and Kurdish politics, Middle & Near Eastern Studies, civil-military relations, exile politics, Sufism Ottoman cosmopolitanism, Late Ottoman history, Turkish and Kurdish political history, anthropology of power and state, Turkish literature, life writing, journalism, cultural studies, sociology of music

Desmond Kamara

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Current Position:  Radio Host

Organization or Institution: UMFM 101.5

Profession(s): Human rights advocate, film producer, social worker

Language(s): English

Interest(s)/ Expertise: I am interested in advocating for human rights. In 2010, I produced a film, "The Kids of St. Michaels" which was shot in Sierra Leone and documented the pros and cons of child rehabilitation programming. As a radio host, I champion issue effecting society.

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Elizabeth King

New York City, United States

Current Position: Associate Professor of International Education and Politics

Organization or Institution: New York University

Profession(s): Professor

Language(s): English, French, Spanish (proficient), Italian (beginner)

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Conflict; peacebuilding; education; development; evaluation; Africa; Rwanda; Kenya; research; teaching; consultancy.

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Steri Rotstein

Toronto, Canada

Current Position:  Associate Director

Organization or Institution: March of the Dimes

Profession(s): Director, Teacher

Language(s): English

Interest(s)/ Expertise: Informal education; Curriculum development.

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