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The study of genocide, a gross violation of human rights, helps us understand the conditions under which genocide and other acts of mass violence are likely to take place. It exposes the warning signs of impending violence and it provides an understanding of the lasting consequences of such a crime; suggesting ways in which genocide may be prevented.


The IIGHRS engages scholars and academics in comparative and interdisciplinary research, analysis and publication in the field, as genocide is a shared experience.


Through ongoing research, publications, conferences, and education initiatives, the Institute strives to raise awareness of genocide and the necessity of its prevention.

"In the face of the continuing problem of genocide in the twenty-first century, the Institute is to be commended for its service to the academic community and is recognized by scholars for providing leadership and a support structure in promoting the cause of universal human rights and the prevention of genocide."

—  A Plea from International Scholars of Genocide and Human Rights Studies


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