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Genocide Awareness Month Educational Supplement Now Available!

March 27, 2023: The Zoryan Institute is pleased to announce that its journal, Genocide Studies International (GSI), published by the University of Toronto Press, has released its second Educational Supplement on the occasion of Genocide Awareness Month!

The GSI Ed Supplements help to bridge the knowledge gap between academics and the public, and are particularly targeted for a high school level audience. The supplements are published with the aim of educators utilizing them in their own classrooms as a reference tool to provide students with a foundational understanding of genocide and atrocity crimes, and inspire them to act as engaged global citizens.

This supplement, released in advance of Genocide Education Month, which is recognized during the month of April, explores many central themes as they relate to the phenomenon of genocide. Throughout the guide, there are useful tips and guidelines for educators on the various ways to use this supplement for different ages, classes, times, and teaching styles. For students, the supplement provides useful summaries of the select papers featured in GSI, background information, definitions, and questions to think about while reading. The supplement ends with an optional take-away assignment to keep students engaged outside of the classroom, and have them reflect on their own role in genocide prevention.

One High School Social Sciences Teacher in Pennsylvania commented that,

I’m so glad I used the Education Supplement with my class. The summaries of the articles really helped all of my students understand the content, and we had great discussions about each. I didn’t think I could use articles like these with high school students but I’m happy to say I was wrong!

To access the Genocide Awareness Month supplement, and our first supplement dedicated to Holocaust Remembrance Day, please visit the University of Toronto Press’ website here.

If you are an educator, and you are interested in receiving updates from the Zoryan Institute about the Educational Supplements and teaching resources, please contact Megan Reid at For feedback and questions about this initiative, please contact Dr. Jennifer Rich at or complete our anonymous feedback form here.

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