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Educational Supplements

GSI Educational Supplements aim to help bridge the knowledge gap between academics and the public, particularly high school students. Each educational supplement seeks to raise awareness about genocide and other atrocity crimes among future generations, and inspire students to act as engaged global citizens, by providing a lesson plan and worksheet on content from the journal for teachers to use in their classes.


We're aware of the gap between knowledge created by and for researchers, and knowledge consumed by a broad audience, including high school students, and we wanted to begin to build a bridge between the two. It's our hope that this supplement, and the others that follow, will bring the latest research about genocide and human rights to anyone who would like to access it, and allow the next generation of human rights leaders to participate in the conversations and debates happening today.

Prof. Jennifer Rich, Associate Professor, Rowan University

Holocaust Remembrance Day.png

Holocaust Memorial Day

This Education Supplement has been created in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked annually on January 27th.

It begins with a brief background of the commemoration day, and then moves into the harder work of defining the Holocaust. Here, students are presented with five definitions of the Holocaust and asked to read them for similarities and differences before considering which they feel is most appropriate.

Genocide Awareness Month

This Education Supplement has been created in honor of Genocide Awareness Month, which takes place in April each year. It begins with a brief history of the term “genocide” and an explanation of Genocide Awareness Month.

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