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Adult Students

Kim, GHRUP Graduate

Going to Toronto and meeting people from all over the world was a wonderful experience. I find that genocide is such a useful framework to have while watching the news these past however many years. Once you’re aware of dehumanization and other key terms, you can’t look at the world in the same way.

Phillibert, GHRUP Graduate

I was in the 2008 cohort and am a lecturer and researcher at the University of Rwanda. The GHRUP stimulated me to continue in research and education on genocide. Now I teach the comparative history of genocide, and I hope to come back to Toronto as a lecturer for the GHRUP!

Joyce Apsel, Course Director

The GHRUP is the most exciting educational initiative that I have been a part of. Teaching is a privilege. Teaching such wonderful students at the Institute every summer, and bringing in these specialists, is really extraordinary and always the hallmark of my year.

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